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Not all vitamins and dietary supplements are created equally. Purchasing supplements at discount, grocery, drug stores and now many health food stores will give you chemical based, lower quality, ineffective products, which will not save you money.  You will find recommendations below for products that are proven by decades of of highest standards to obtain optimal results. With 30-40% off of retail and rebate you on purchases. 









Stop paying retail and purchase the products practitioners use.
If you choose to work with any of the following companies and formulas,  I will become your personal herbal consultant. Take the guess work and hours of research spent on the internet or paging through herb books and I will share my 35+ years of experience as an herbalist and natural health care practitioner at no charge to you.


Nature Sunshine Products ~

The first company to encapsulate herbs 40 years ago, setting the bar for the finest quality and potency. They dedicate to the best with 600 tests on each batch of herbs. No other company has the resources to do that. One order of $40. gives you free membership to purchase all products at wholesale prices. No minimum orders. Rebates given based on order cost.  Go to to take your free health assessment and find in depth information about how the herbs and formulas work. Contact me for any questions on formulas.

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Herbs for Life

Cardiologists around the country are recommending Cardio 911. Results have been tremendous because the formulation is based on the findings from the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.

Take a moment to watch this video and see why this special formulation is getting the results safely and naturally...

Make every heartbeat count!  (video)


 Contact me as your personalized Herbalist for any questions on formulas anytime.



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